jazz dinner weekends
Cookin’ At the O.

Daniel Leahy – piano
Mike Nellas – bass
Glenn Swanson – drums

Recorded Friday, May 19, 2018
Oldenburg House
Cookin’ at the O

A Community GatheringMagnolia Salon

Steven Hobert – piano
Marcus Wise – tabla

Recorded November 1, 2018
Oldenburg House
Magnolia Salon – afternoon rehearsal

a community gathering
Magnolia Salon.

Pat McCoy, expert cook and Director of Nutrition Services at Cloquet Community Memorial Hospital, shares the latest insights from the art and science of healthy cooking – how to select, purchase, prepare, and enjoy a broad selection of foods. Learn how to reduce your disease risk by improving your dietary choices and practicing mindful eating.

Recorded November 29, 2018
Oldenburg House
Magnolia Salon