Minogitoon: Ojibwe, grow it well

A Creative Collaborative Developing Community

The Minogitoon Collective's goal is to grow Carlton County and Fond du Lac Reservation well, which means all residents participate in sustainable prosperity.

We will help creatives increase their capacity to do good work and reach their customers and audiences.

Creatives will bring fresh perspective to our community's problems and help local leaders find promising solutions to our region's problems and opportunities.

An invitation to all artists and creatives Design Workshop for the Minogitoon Collective

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Thursday, June 17 | 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

2.5 hr | Free

Artists and creatives who live or work in Cloquet and surrounding area are invited to our Minogitoon Collective Design Workshop!



  • Consider yourself an artist, creative, maker or someone who likes to creatively think outside the box!
  • Live or work in the Carlton County and Fond du Lac Reservation region
  • Want to learn more about creative community development


  • Learn what other creatives make happen in other small towns around Minnesota
  • New connections to other creatives and community leaders in our region