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Lawns to Legumes Program

If you’re thinking to yourself that you’d like to do a pollinator planting but do not have the technical expertise or the funds to do it, look no further! The Carlton SWCD, partnering with The Xerces Society and the Oldenburg Arts and Cultural Community has funds from MN Board of Water and Soil Resources Lawns to Legumes Program to help 30 residents of Carlton County and the Fond du Lac Reservation pay up to 100% of their project costs! Habitat options include “pollinator pocket” plantings, rain gardens, shoreline plantings, and native flowering shrubs. Carlton SWCD staff will assist you through every step of the way—from selecting a project and preparing your site, planning, and purchasing plants and planting. We also provide pesticide-free, yearly maintenance advice for your habitat, and invasive species identification and control strategies for your property, to ensure your native planting project is successful! Participants will be asked to sign the Xerces Society Pollinator Protection Pledge, in which they commit to the following 4 simple steps: grow pollinator-friendly flowers, provide nest sites, avoid pesticides, and spread the word.

Native grasses and wildflowers provide critical habitat for bees, butterflies, songbirds and many other types of wildlife that use the vegetation for shelter and food. Low cost and low maintenance, native plantings do not require fertilizing or regular mowing or irrigation, and have a very positive effect on the soil. In fact, their extensive fibrous root systems, which can grow down to 15’ deep, reduce erosion, restore soil health, and filter runoff before it enters our streams and lakes!

Do your part and take advantage of the first of its kind pollinator program! To schedule a remote site visit or ask a question, please call Alyssa Alness, Conservation Technician with the Carlton SWCD , at (218) 384-3891.. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Bees, butterflies, birds, bats, and moths that support our food and ecological systems are at serious risk. Pollinator habitats provide water quality, carbon sequestration, improve soil health, and other ecosystem benefits.

The goal of the Northeastern Minnesota Bee Friendly Corridor is to support pollinators and pollinator habitat. Carlton County Soil and Water Conservation District, and its partners Oldenburg Arts and Cultural Community and Xerces Society, received funding for this project from the MN Lawns to Legumes Program which is administered by the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources

This project builds on the great work of our region’s beekeepers, gardeners, farmers and food producers, as well as the artists and creatives who highlight the importance of pollinators in our lives with their pollinator and honey-inspired art.

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