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Every Thursday night at Oldenburg House, a group of friendly people gather to listen to an artist and exchange ideas about the nature of creativity. Topics range from music, photography, meditation, tasting culinary creations, pottery, design, to mythology, poetry, film-making and visual arts.

Our goal is to share ideas in an open atmosphere that encourages us to see our own beliefs and opinions more clearly. The Greeks call this process ‘elenchus.’

We take our cues from the magnolia, a flower known for its evolutionary adaptation in favor of cross-pollination. This beautiful, sturdy flower is thought to symbolize love of nature, honorable action, and perseverance.

And we take our sustenance from the delicious food and drink provided by the Magnolia Cafe, Carlton's wonderful coffee house.



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No Events

Thursdays, 6:00 - 9:00PM Oldenburg House 604 Chestnut Avenue | Carlton, MN 55718

menu options change from week to week