Locally inspired – Arts activated

Community Development

Oldenburg Arts and Cultural Community (OACC) encourages our region’s vitality through artistic expression, cultural exchanges and community development inspired by the geography, wisdom and talent that surrounds us.

Since its inception in April 2018, OACC has been working with Native and Non-Native friends and neighbors across Carlton County and the Fond du Lac Reservation who share a commitment to build a more equitable, resilient and sustainable future in our beautiful region.


Artists, educators, conservationists, sustainable farmers, gardeners, and community activists work on ‘locally inspired – arts activated’ community development projects together.


The OACC Board finds deep meaning in the origins and cultural context of jazz, the way it honors solo practitioners, and how it puts together democratically structured ensembles. Jazz provides OACC’s organizing principles: emphasize personal expression, encourage botttom-up action and not top-down systems, adapt quickly to feedback, and prize resiliency of result over efficiency of execution.


Master your instrument, master the music, and then forget all that . . . and just play!

Charlie Parker


We strive to connect participants with art forms and disciplines that express universal truths and increase their capacity to create.


We engage new and diverse audiences, encourage collaboration, share resources and seek to be good stewards of the land.

jazz and dinner


Support Us

Emily Swanson

Executive Director


Our community's gifts of time and financial resources supports high quality, accessible programs. We partner with individuals, businesses, organizations and public entities. Contact Emily Swanson for more information about making a charitable donation, sponsoring a program, creating an event, or volunteering your time. Your energy and encouragement are welcomed here! .